Abstracts Volume 15

Abstracts Volume 15

Part 1, May 2016

El Hidan, M.A., Touloun, O. & Boumezzough, A. pp. 1-7.

New data on the diversity of scorpion fauna in the oases of south eastern Morocco.

Oases form a unique ecosystem, characterized by its specialization precisely due to the effect of isolation and richness. We studied scorpion communities of south eastern Morocco at five oases. Sampling of scorpions was based on hand collecting, during the day and at night with ultraviolet light detection; 246 individuals of six species of family Buthidae were collected. The richest site contained 5 species and had the highest diversity, H’= 1.57. The lowest diversity was H’= 0.85. The most similar communities were Tagounit and M’hamid elghizlane (100%). The scorpion community at Boumalne was the most dissimilar to the other four sites. Hottentotta gentili was the most abundant species, comprising 36.58% of the material collected, while Buthus boumalenii was the rarest. Most species within the collection of individuals had a greater affinity for rocky-earthy habitats (66.67%). In terms of seasonal pattern, scorpion abundance was highest during spring and summer seasons. Our results indicate that species composition differ between the northern oases (Boumalne) and the four southern oases.


Koçyiğit, H.O., Demir, H. & Seyyar, O. pp. 8-29.

The spider fauna of Hasan Mountain in Turkey.

Spider specimens were collected, during field studies, from Hasan Mountain in the provinces of Niğde and Aksaray of Turkey between July 2013 and June 2014. A total of 2418 adult specimens were studied, 115 spider species belonging to 72 genera under 23 families were identified. The collected dictynid species Lathys stigmatisata (Menge, 1869) is a new record for the Turkish spider fauna.


Seyyar, O., Oba, A., Demir, H. & Türkeş, T. pp. 30-32.

Arabelia Bosselaers, 2009 and Arabelia pheidoleicomes Bosselaers, 2009 (Araneae: Liocranidae) are new records for the Turkish Spider Fauna.

The liocranid spider species, Arabelia pheidoleicomes Bosselaers, 2009 is recorded for the first time from Turkey. Its general habitus and genitalia are illustrated. Description and collecting data of this species are also given. Also, genus Arabelia Bosselaers, 2009 is recorded for the first time from Turkey.


Alioua, Y., Bissati, S., Kherbouche, O. & Bosmans, R. pp. 33-40.

Spiders of Sebkhet El Melah (Northern Sahara, Algeria): Review and new records.

The current scientific understanding of spider communities living in Algerian Sahara habitats is significantly poor and remains not updated. Thus, our knowledge of spider diversity in this area remains highly ill-known with regarding patterns of environmental factors under the context of hot-arid climate, particularly in wetlands ecosystems. This study was carried out in Sebkhet El Melah located in El Menia (Ghardaïa, Algeria) during April and May, 2015. Spiders were randomly sampled in the surroundings of the site using direct collecting methods. The entire sample consists of a set of 74 adult individuals, which were taxonomically classified into 13 spider species that belong to 13 genera and 9 families. Under the family Dictynidae, three species were recorded in three genera, followed by Gnaphosidae and Lycosidae with two species for each family. This study aims to establish the first exhaustive taxonomic inventory of spider fauna of the surveyed area.


Akpınar, A., Varol, M.İ. & El-Hennawy, H.K. pp. 41-43.

New records to the spider fauna of Turkey (Araneae: Eutichuridae, Gnaphosidae).

Four spider species of families Eutichuridae: Cheiracanthium montanum L. Koch, 1877 and Gnaphosidae: Scotophaeus quadripunctatus (Linnaeus, 1758), Zelotes erebeus (Thorell, 1871), and Z. exiguus (Müller & Schenkel, 1895) are reported for the first time from Turkey. Digital photographs of genitalia of the newly recorded species are presented together with their zoogeographical distribution.


Varol, M.İ. pp. 44-46.

Stalagtia hercegovinensis (Nosek, 1905), a new record from Turkey (Araneae: Dysderidae).

This paper reports one dysderid species as a new record for the Turkish araneo-fauna. The characteristic features and photographs of Stalagtia hercegovinensis (Nosek, 1905) are presented. The total number of dysderid species recorded from Turkey will be now 58 species.


Danışman, T. & Coşar, İ. pp. 47-49.

Walckenaeria cirriceps Thaler, 1996, a new record from Turkey (Araneae: Linyphiidae).

The linyphiid spider species Walckenaeria cirriceps Thaler, 1996 is recorded for the first time from Turkey. Its morphology is briefly described and illustrated.


Rajoria, A. pp. 50-52.

Newly recorded species: Steatoda cingulata (Thorell, 1890) from India (Araneae: Theridiidae).

Genus Steatoda Sundevall, 1833 is represented by 2 species viz., S. alboclathrata (Simon, 1897) and S. rufoannulata (Simon, 1899) in India, in addition to 4 other cosmopolitan and pantropical species. Steatoda cingulata (Thorell, 1890) is a new addition to the Indian theridiid species.


Rajoria, A. pp. 53-55.

Newly recorded species: Parasteatoda oxymaculata (Zhu, 1998) from India (Araneae: Theridiidae).

Parasteatoda oxymaculata (Zhu, 1998) is a new addition to the Indian theridiid species. Formerly, this genus was represented by 3 species: P. brookesiana (Barrion & Litsinger, 1995), P. mundula (L. Koch, 1872), and P. tepidariorum (C.L. Koch, 1841) from India. This newly recorded species is already known from China and Laos.


Rajoria, A. pp. 56-59.

Newly recorded species: Euryopis episinoides (Walckenaer, 1847) from India (Araneae: Theridiidae).

The distribution of Euryopis episinoides (Walckenaer, 1847) is in the Mediterranean region and China. Now it is reported for the first time from India. Three species of Euryopis are known from India till date viz., E. nubila Simon, 1889, E. megalops (Caporiacco, 1934), and E. venutissima (Caporiacco, 1934). E. episinoides (Walckenaer, 1847) is a new addition to the theridiid fauna of India.


Rajoria, A. & Jadhao, H. pp. 60-62.

First record of genus Orchestina Simon, 1882 in India (Araneae: Oonopidae).

Orchestina truncatula Tong & Li, 2011 and genus Orchestina Simon, 1882, of Family Oonopidae Simon, 1890 are recorded from India for the first time.


El-Hennawy, H.K., Mohafez, M.A., El-Gendy, A.A. & Zaher, I.A.I. pp. 63-67.

The first record of Ostearius melanopygius (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1879) and genus Ostearius Hull, 1911 (Araneae: Linyphiidae) in Egypt.

Ostearius melanopygius (O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1879) and genus Ostearius Hull, 1911 of family Linyphiidae are recorded from Egypt for the first time.


El-Hennawy, H.K. pp. 68-70.

A note on Oecobius amboseli Shear & Benoit, 1974 (Araneae: Oecobiidae).

This short note on Oecobius amboseli Shear & Benoit, 1974 presents photographs of the species in Egypt, discusses its distribution in the world, and states the identification of Oecobius sp. in Murphy & Roberts (2015).

Part 2, November 2016

Lourenço, W.R. pp. 71-79.

A new species of the genus Buthus Leach, 1815 (Scorpiones: Buthidae) from dry forest formations in Central African Republic.

A new species belonging to the genus Buthus Leach (Scorpiones, Buthidae) is described from Woodland Savannah formations in Central African Republic. The new species can be included in the ‘Buthus occitanus complex’ of species, and probably can be associated with the ‘Buthus occitanus’ from French occidental Africa (AOF) previously reported by Vachon from this large region located southern of the Sahel. This is the first record of a Buthus species from Central African Republic, and the most southern one within the known distribution of the genus. With the description of Buthus centroafricanus sp. n., the status of one more population of Buthus spp. from the sub-saharan region of Africa is clarified.


Seyyar, O., Harmanşah, İ., Türkeş, T. & Demir, H. pp. 80-84.

A further study on Textrix denticulata (Olivier, 1789) from Turkey (Araneae: Agelenidae).

Both male and female specimens of Textrix denticulata (Olivier, 1789) were collected from different localities of Turkey. The male of this species is the first record for the Turkish araneofauna. The characteristic features, drawings and photography of genitalia and general habitus of both sexes are presented. Data on the collecting and distribution of the species all over the world are also given.


Demircan, N. & Topçu, A. pp. 85-91.

First records for spider fauna of the European part of Turkey (Araneae).

Spider specimens collected from different parts of European Turkey were studied. Ninety-two species are recorded for the first time from European part of Turkey. Porrhomma convexum (Westring, 1851) is a new record for Turkey. The list of localities, coordinates and collection dates of first records were given and first records were summarized as a list.


Bodkhe, A.K., Uniyal, V.P. & Kamble, S.S. pp. 92-96.

First record of genus Hypsosinga Ausserer, 1871 from India with description of Hypsosinga satpuraensis sp. n. (Araneae: Araneidae).

The spider genus Hypsosinga Ausserer, 1871 of Araneidae is recorded for the first time in India with the description of the new species Hypsosinga satpuraensis from Pachmarhi Wildlife Sanctuary, Dist. Hoshangabad (M P), India.


Bodkhe, A.K., Uniyal, V.P. & Kamble, S.S. pp. 97-103.

New spider species of genus Cambalida (Araneae: Corinnidae) from Satpura Landscape (MP), India.

Genus Cambalida Simon, 1909 of family Corinnidae was reported for the first time in Asia by Murthappa et al. in 2016. This poorly studied genus was previously known only from Africa by 10 valid species, unknown to the rest of the world. Present paper deals with a new species, Cambalida dhupgadensis sp. n., of it from Pachmarhi Wild Life Sanctuary, Dist. Hoshangabad (M P), India.

Coşar, İ., Danışman, T. & Tarlabölen, R. pp. 104-106.
A new crab spider record from Turkey (Araneae: Thomisidae).

This short paper reports a thomisid species which is new for the Turkish araneo-fauna. The characteristic features and photographs of Xysticus tenebrosus Šilhavý, 1944 are presented. The total number of thomisid species recorded from Turkey is now 89.

El-Hennawy, H.K. pp. 107-111.
A note on Eresus albopictus Simon, 1873 (Araneae: Eresidae).

The history of Eresus albopictus Simon, 1873 is discussed in this work in addition to the description of old material from Morocco with measurements and photographs of the female external genitalia. 

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